Your Family’s Eyes

About 80 percent of all babies are born far-sighted. Approximately five percent are born near-sighted, or unable to see objects at a distance clearly. 

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Children’s vision

A guide to school age vision Good vision equals a head start on learning Ask parents what their top priorities are for their children and you are bound to hear one answer consistently. That answer? A good education. That means a good school, a great teacher and good vision. Yes, good vision! Did You Know? Classroom learning is 80% visual.

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Vision and Aging: A guide to good eye health and vision Eyes often benefit from having more than one pair of prescription eyewear to meet special vision requirements. Your optometrist understands the special demands of aging and will offer specific recommendations so you can enjoy clear and comfortable vision. 

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Teacher’s Corner What are the essential vision skills? Good vision involves the development of many different vision skills working together. This ‘team’ approach allows students to see clearly and understand what they are seeing. The visual demands of schoolwork can affect vision skills, causing a problem where none existed before. 

Homework, computers and television Your child’s eyes get a workout at home with computers, video games and homework. Make sure the rooms they work in are eye-friendly by reducing glare and offering soft overall lighting. Encourage periodic breaks from computer and video screens to give their eyes a much-needed break. Balance computer time with plenty […]

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