ESEL Eye see…Eye Learn Program

The Prince Edward Island Association of Optometrists is pleased to have partnered with Health PEI and eyewear sponsor, BO Optics, to bring a new children’s vision program called Eye See…Eye Learn® to PEI.  The program just started on January 19, 2015.

About The Program

Eye See…Eye Learn® provides a comprehensive eye examination by a Doctor of Optometry to children in their kindergarten year.  We feel it is important that, all children, regardless of economic status, receive a comprehensive eye examination when entering school. The eye examination cost will be fully covered by Health PEI, Prince Edward Island Association of Optometrists and private insurance providers. 

If the child has private insurance benefits, then the insurance will be billed first and Health PEI and PEIAO will cover the remaining balance.  If the child has no insurance coverage, then Health PEI will cover the entire cost of the exam.

Through the Prince Edward Island Association of Optometrists and our generous sponsor, BO Optics, the program will also provide these eligible children with a free pair of glasses if required.  The glasses will include fashionable frames and impact resistant Trivex lenses with an antireflection coating.

Eye See…Eye Learn® strives to raise awareness of the importance of having a child’s eyes examined when starting school.  1 in 4 children have some sort of vision problem.  Children often do not complain of vision problems or in some cases are not even aware of them.  With 80% of classroom learning being through vision is it crucial to a child’s learning that they are seeing properly.  A comprehensive eye examination gives a child the start they need to reach their full learning potential.

 If you have an eligible child please see the section below on how to participate.


All Kindergarten children are eligible for the program from July 1 preceding starting kindergarten until to June 30 of their kindergarten year.

How to Participate

  • If your child is eligible call a Doctor of Optometry to book your child an appointment. 
  • On the day of the exam bring:  1.) your child’s PEI health card,  2.) the parents health card and 3.) Your private insurance information.
  •  Please note that if your Doctor of Optometry is unable to direct bill your insurance company you will have to pay upfront and be reimbursed. If you dont have insurance, your Doctor of Optometry will not ask you to pay anything as the expense for the exam  and glasses (if required), are covered by the PEI government and the PEI optometry association.

What should parents do?

A.) Book an appointment for your child with your Optometrist Eye exam. Good to tell them it is through the ‘Eye See Eye Learn’ program.

B.)  They will ask you to fill out a form depending on which ‘billing scenario’ applies to you. Your optometrist will provide you with these forms. You could download these forms ahead of time and have then pre-fill them. Click on the appropriate link, which applies to you. Each is handled differently.

  1) Parent has no private insurance.

2) Parent has private insurance coverage that is direct billable within office of the provider;  No forms need to be pre-filled.

3) Parent has private insurance that is not direct billable in office. (Optometrist fills in the first top section, parent fills in the rest). Note: Because your insurance is not direct billable, you will have to make a full payment, submit their claim to your insurance provider, and any remaining co-pay is to be submitted to Health PEI. In the end, you will be reimbursed 100%. 

What if I already had my childs eyes tested?

The program had to have a starting point. Unfortunately exams and glasses prior to the 19th January 2015 will not be eligible to be (retroactively) covered.

To see the Gov of PEI poster, please click on the link below:

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